It all started when…

I thought of a new year's resolution that would be good for me, my family, the planet and my fellow human beings. I wanted to consume less, much less. So I planned a year of minimal consumption. Most important for me was to buy less things, specifically less new things.

Consumerism is a huge drain on our planet's finite resources. People live and work in terrible conditions in order to produce the gadgets, garments and goods we demand. We spend precious time and money tidying, dusting and organising all of the things we accumulate. And they languish in landfill when we get bored and replace them with newer models. 

My plan for 2018 is to use things I already have, repair things, borrow things, swap things, make things, buy pre-loved things. And to buy new things only as a last resort.

You can follow my adventures in post-consumerism here on my blog and on instagram. I hope we can inspire each other so please share your own ideas for buying less and being more.