Nothing to wear?

Nothing to wear?

This post is by Malin Sjöbeck, a fellow non-consumer and a great friend. As well as buying mainly pre-loved clothes, Malin arranges clothes swaps with friends and also redesigns the things she already has in her wardrobe to give them new life. When I saw some of her creations, I asked if I could share them here on the blog. Over to you Malin.

How is it possible to have a packed wardrobe, and still have NOTHING to wear?

The answer is simple - it isn’t possible!

After numerous sighs in front of my fully packed wardrobe, I decided to get to the bottom of this mystery once and for all.

If you're like me, you can quickly and easily pick out your favorite clothes and accessories, the ones it always feel right to wear. On the other hand, you probably have a bunch of pieces that you like, but just not enough to wear them. The question you need to ask yourself is WHY? Why do I send this poor piece back into the darkness? Because there is some tiny detail "wrong" with it.

We’re already getting closer to solving the mystery.

What I usually do is pick out each item and ask myself WHY I don´t like it. This is usually a question you will also quickly answer:

"I look too pale in this color.”
”The fitting is wrong, this dress is too tight.”
”The fitting is wrong, this skirt is too loose.”
”I'm bored to death by this piece which I've worn 2000 times already."
"The buttons on this coat are ugly.”
”There is a hole in these jeans."
”It doesn't feel fashionable anymore”…

…and I think you've got it by now.

And you know, here's the trick: when you've identified the problem with your piece, just solve it! Even if you have no sewing skills whatsoever, don't let that stop you. Take items that need fixing and adjusting to a tailor. It actually doesn't have to be that pricey. Sure, sometimes you might need to spend a bit more than you thought, but then compare it to the cost of buying something new. If the cost is the same - then consider it a win!

However, for many changes you don't even need sewing skills. As an example, I had two handbags which I liked, but they both fell under the dusty closet category ”too boring". By using stickers (the golden dots and the flowers) I spent 20 minutes redesigning my bags and making them two personal pieces which I now love again! All you need is glue. Even kids could do it, so no excuses :)


Sometimes you don't even need to change the item itself, sometimes you just have to combine it with something you don't usually combine it with. Start by giving yourself a 7-day challenge to wear 7 ”new” outfits. It could be new combinations of clothes, or adding accessories that you don't usually wear. But don't start this process in the morning, prepare your brand new outfit combination the evening before.

However, if you do have SOME sewing skills, then start off with easy size adjustments, fixing holes, changing buttons etc. I mean what can possibly go wrong? You're not wearing these pieces anyway, right? By doing these things I saved many items from an abandoned life in the back of my closet. And honestly, some of them have even turned out to be my absolute favourite things!

I'm sharing some pictures of what I've done, and hope that you will find some ideas or inspiration to become your own personal (re-)designer.
Good luck with opening a closet FULL of options to wear!


Thank you so much for the inspiration Malin. I am definitely going to accept your 7-day challenge. I'm hitting my wardrobe right away to see what new combinations I can find!

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